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Χώροι Στάθμευσης - Γκαράζ PARK INN IKE

Σάμου 3 & Αριστοτέλους 5
177 78 Ταύρος

Phone 210 34.76.758


Car Wash Park Inn IKE at Taurus area

Car Wash service provided for your car. The experienced working staff, combined with the high-tech cleaning machines and the special cleanings which are used guarantee the best quality in affordable prices.

 Car-Wash Park Inn hours daily and weekends from 06:00 – 22:00

Park Inn services:

  • Washing cars, long vehicles, caravans and small boats

  • Washing motorcycles

  • Best quality cleaning for all surfaces

  • Washing inside-outside by experienced -staff

  • Car-roof washing outside with brush

  • Engine washing

  • Oils-filters-Volvo lines control

  • Greasings